Välkommen till Sands Hotell


A modern and elegant but at the same time a relaxed and personal small hotel.

Come join us and experience the ultimate archipelago wonderful day of the year.

We now want to introduce our new website. We hope you just by looking at the pictures understand this wonderful place all shifts. We especially want to thank our two Sandhamns photographers PO Hertz and Peder Strauss for an amazing exhibition during the year which demonstrate the diversity of that environment and many of the pictures can be found on this website. They will exchange and our aim is to let this page be an image document of one of Sweden’s most nearest islands.

We also thank OkiDok, … especially Mattias Ericsson, who built the portal. You are awesome ….

Thanks to Mathias Cederholm, Lena Runer, Sofia Dickhoff, Sandra and Mathilda and all the other wonderful people in our perimeter of the images and “cheer”

Here we go and welcome throughout Europe and the rest of the world as soon as possible we have time to translate everything.

Magnus & Malin

Right now on  Sands Hotell